Grab some friends and raise your glasses -- it's the weekend!

Grab some friends and raise your glasses -- it's the weekend!

Tonight live music from 8-11 if you have never seen David Evans before come out to the show.

Other than "Cheers!", what's your favorite drink salutation?

The B-Team Presents: Jady and Her Homies- Stickin it to Cancer

When Rachelle was in her early 20's, she spent a lot of time on the stoop of her apartment, in the early hours of the weekend. This is where she met Jason Quick, in his early 40's at the time. At the time Jason and John Moore, were producing their radio comedy show, Sunday Night Revival. Jason asked Rachelle to be a guest on the show. After a few guest spots, Rachelle became a regular host on the new show, Comically Imbalanced. That is when Rachelle fell in love with making people laugh. Although the show is no longer running, Rachelle and the Moores remained in contact. Last spring, Whitney L. Moore shared her amazing photography skills to help Rachelle with promo shots for her comedy. After hearing about Jady's condition, Rachelle and Mohamad Abbasi got together with the wonderful people at Landsharks, to throw a benefit show for Jady and her family... because after all, laughter is the best medicine! Jayden (aka Jady) is an eight year-old girl currently being treated for a rare cancer called Dysgerminoma. She's completed a few rounds of chemotherapy, several surgeries, and is well on her way to kicking cancer's ass. This journey has been emotional, but Jady has remained incredibly positive and upbeat, while entertaining everyone around her with her somewhat-twisted sense of humor. The show will begin around 8:00, doors will open at 7:00. Come in early and grab a drink, check out the raffle prizes and enjoy each other's company! There will be a $10 cover, all proceeds will go to the Moore family to help with medical expenses occurred from countless surgeries, treatments and hospital stays. There will also be items raffled off before and after the show. Our donors for the raffle include: Tina Pulliam- Fabulous hairstylest and all around good person Ree Marcable- Hardcore work-out guy who owns Reecondition Fitness Indiana City Brewery .....And lots more! If you are interested in donating to the raffle, or the cause, please feel free to PM Rachelle Renee or Mohamad Abbasi. We sincerely hope you will consider joining us for this amazing benefit show, featuring the following hilarious Indy comedians: Nate Gropp Erin Carr Lyndsay L. Curran Ray Danger Hensley Charlie Charlyn Hester Headliners: Vurn Aaron Glenn and Marc Much Hosted by: Mohamad Abbasi and Rachelle Renee

October 14, 2016 - October 15, 2016

We're going for our Doctorate in Zythology. Come study with us.

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